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ECCO2017 - OECI-ECPC Session


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Friday 27 January 2017, 14.30-16.00


When Patient Organisations and Cancer Centres Collaborate



Welcome and introduction of the initiative

Peter Naredi, ECCO President


Why are we collaborating with the OECI ?
Francesco De Lorenzo, ECPC


Why are we collaborating with the ECPC ?
Dominique de Valeriola, OECI




Solving issues, building relationships


Presentation of the framework for collaborations
Patrick Miqueu, Institut Jules Bordet/OECI


Methodology of implementation and topics of interest 
Francesco Florindi, ECPC




Inspirational experiences from OECI and ECPC Members


Joint-initiatives with patients in an OECI Comprehensive Cancer Centre
David Cheesman, King’s Health Partners London


The role of patients in the cancer centres: the Greek experience
Kathi Apostolidis, ECPC Vice President and President of the Hellenic Cancer Federation ELL.O.K.




Presentation of the first ECPC-OECI Pilot Project: Engaging Patients in Clinical Research:
What is the best way to communicate about clinical trials?


Collaboration in the pilot project by a duo of ECPC and OECI Members -
Ariane Cambier, Les Amis de l’Institut Bordet and Patrick Miqueu, Institut Jules Bordet


The PREFER experience on Patient’s involvement
Isabelle Huys, University of Leuven and Scientific Coordinator of the IMI project PREFER 




Question and answer session with the audience

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