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ESTRO Workshop January 27, 2017

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WORKSHOP 1: Communication in Oncology

09:00 - 17:00


Introduce basic communication concepts and competence to the European cancer community

  1. Help participants to deal efficiently with difficult communication tasks in a way that reduces error, improves understanding, and make them – and the patients – feel better afterwards



  • Blend of interactive lectures, activities in groups of 2-20 and plenary take-homes

  • Highly learner-centered, scheduled program adjusted to participants’ needs as we teach


Programme themes

  • Basics of efficient communication

  • Disclosing uncertainty – breaking bad news

  • Delivering complex information

  • Shared decision-making and follow-up

The workshop comprises four 90-minute modules.



Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Clinical Oncologists, Surgical oncologists, GP’s, nurses, patient organisations and decision makers.


About the lead facilitator

Pål Gulbrandsen is a specialist in public health, former GP and editor, and professor of health services research at the University of Oslo. He has delivered lectures, courses, workshops, or symposia on clinical communication for all kinds of clinicians in his home country Norway as well as Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK and the US. Of his about 90 original research papers, approx. 30 are on clinical communication, 20 on the doctor-patient relationship and 40 on a variety of clinical and publishing issues. His main research focus now is on information exchange and shared decision-making. His watchword is “What helps clinicians, helps patients”.



Søren Cold is a clinical oncologist working in the field of breast cancer. He is also associate professor at the medical faculty at the University of Southern Denmark, head of communication skills training. For years he has been given courses in communication for nurses and physicians and is head of the courses in communication skills for oncological trainees.

Robert Glynne-Jones, Clinical Oncologist, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, UK specialises in Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Cancer. Dr Glynne-Jones is also Chief Medical Advisor to the national UK charity Bowel Cancer UK, and has an interest in patient choice. He was enrolled as a trainee in the original United Kingdom Randomised Controlled trial of different communication methods/teaching communication skills for Oncologists (Fallowfield 2002). He subsequently trained as a facilitator to continue the roll-out of these courses nationally for all members of a multidisciplinary cancer team. He continues to act as a facilitator in 2-day multidisciplinary courses in communication.


WORKSHOP 2: Towards state-of-the-art radiotherapy for every cancer patient: what’s at stake?

This workshop has been cancelled

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