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ESSO One-Day Educational Conference on Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer, 27th January

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The European Society of Surgical Oncology invites all surgical oncologists and fellow oncology professionals from all disciplines to the ESSO 37 one-day conference in breast surgical oncology and colorectal surgical oncology. 

When registering to the ESSO 37 conference you can either attend the breast cancer programme or the colorectal cancer programme or switch from one to the other during the day.


1. Breast Cancer Surgery Programme


Is surgery avoidable in the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer? (08:30-10:30)

Chairs: I Rubio (SP), T. Kovacs, UK

    08:30 The medical oncologist’s view - G. Curigliano, IT

    08:50 The radiation oncologist’'s view – P. Poortmans, BE

    09:20 The pathologists's view - G. Cserni, HU

    09:40 The surgeon’s view - E. Rutgers, NL

    10:00 Discussion

Coffee Break (10:30 – 11:00)

ESSO-EANM Multidisciplinary Session: Bridging the Gap between Cancer Surgery and Nuclear Medicine (11:00 – 12:30)

Discussant: R. A. Audisio, UK
Discussant:  F. Giammarile, FR

PET and Breast Cancer
    11:00 Present and future of PET scanning – F. Giammarile, FR

    11:15 PET guided biopsy and PET guided surgery - M. Stokkel, NL

Radio-guided Surgery for Breast Cancer 

    11:30 Radio-guided surgery for breast cancer: Technical aspects – F. Giammarile, FR

    11:45 An update on sentinel node biopsy – M. Leidenius, FI
    12:00 Discussion

Lunch (12:00 – 13:30)

Are surgical resection margins important in the surgical management of breast cancer? (13:30-14:00)

Chair: E. Rutgers, NL

Speaker in favour: L Wyld, UK

Speaker against: O Gentilini, IT

Novel techniques in resection margin assessment (14:00 – 15:00)

Chair: M. Leidenius, FI

    14:00 Cerenkov luminescence (CLI) - T. Kovacs, UK

    14:15 Near infrared fluorescence optical imaging-Spectroscopy – W. Oyen, NL

    14:30 Radioguided surgery (ROLL) - R.A. Audisio, UK

    14:45 Discussion

Coffee Break (15:00 – 15:30)

Oncoplastic Workshop (15:30-17:00)

Chair: R.A. Audisio, UK, M. Mureau, NL

    15:30 Is lipomodelling safe in oncoplastic breast surgery? – M. Leidenius, Fl

    15:50 Should Oncoplastic breast conservation surgery be the standard of care? - T. Kovacs, UK

    16:10 Nipple sparing mastectomy in breast cancer surgery- pros and cons - I. Rubio, SP

    16:30 Breast reconstruction before and after radiotherapy: evidence-based recommendations for good clinical practice - M. Mureau, NL

    16:50 Discussion 


2. Colorectal Cancer Surgery Programme


Approaches to Distal Rectal Cancer (08:30-10:30)

Chair: G. Beets, NL

    08:30 TME Surgery – C. Coco, IT

    08:48 Bottom-up” approach – A. Wolthuis, BE

    09:06 Chemoradiation followed by TEM – H. de Wilt, NL

    09:24 Chemoradiation and Watch & Wait – G. Beets, NL

    09:42 Debate: less versus more radiotherapy - A. Martling, SE versus K. Bujko, PL

    10:05 Case discussion – all participants, with radiologist (R. Beets-Tan) –  coordinated by Chair

Coffee Break (10:30 – 11:00)

Precision Surgery: Advances in diagnostic techniques (11:00 – 12:30)

Chair: C. van de Velde, NL

    11:00 Modern MR imaging- R. Beets-Tan, NL

    11:22 Developing advanced image guided techniques– S. Mieog, NL

    11:44 Image guided surgery – T. Ruers, NL

    12:06 Molecular subtypes of colorectal cancer: anything for clinical practice? – P. Quirke, UK

Lunch break (12:30 – 13:30)

For clinical practice (13:30-15:00)

Chair: S. Gonzalez-Moreno, ES

    13:30 Total Mesocolic Excision – D. Morton, UK

    13:48 CRC and the elderly - H. Rutten, NL

    14:06 Diagnosis and treatment of LARS– P. Christensen, DK

    14:24 How useful is follow-up? – A. Martling, SE

    14:42 Auditing and outcome – M. Wouters, NL

Coffee break (15:00 – 15:30)

Metastatic Disease (15:30-17:00)

Chair: H. de Wilt, NL

    15:30 Role of HIPEC in peritoneal disease - S. Gonzalez-Moreno, ES

    15:45 Managing synchronous metastatic disease – C. Verhoef, NL

    16:00 What is new in systemic treatment? – D. Arnold, DE

    16:15 Debate: local treatment of liver metastases: surgery or ablation – 
             Pro ablation: T. Helmberger, DE
             Pro surgery: G. Poston, UK

    16:35 Case discussion (all participants, coordinated by Chair)

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