ECCO2017: European Cancer Congress



European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) Society Day at ECCO2017

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Oral chemotherapy: Taking the pill, and after?

Chair: Dr M. Crul (Netherlands)


Absorption of oral anticancer drugs
Speaker: W. Weitschies (Germany)


Influence of foods and drinks on TKI exposure
Speaker: S. Koolen (Netherlands)


Drug dosing at obesity
Speaker: R. Gonec (Czech Republic)


Dose optimization strategies for small molecules (TKIs)
(search for novel endpoints in clinical trials, PK/PD modelling, TDM of TKIs)
Speaker: C. Bardin (France)

 10.00-10.15  Coffee break

New Drugs

Chair: A. Astier (France)


New drugs 2016
Speaker: J. Barth (Germany)

Role of the oncology pharmacist in the wards: From clinical cases

Chair: A. Bosnak (Turkey)


The effect of gastrointestinal resections on oncolytic treatment
Speaker: N. van Erp (Netherlands)


Patients on hemodialysis: Principles of drug elimination by HD, case report
Speaker: I. Netikova (Czech Republic)

 11.50-12.00 Break

 12.00-12.15 Presentation of the Klaus-Meier-Award 2017
Download PDF for more information

Biosimilars in oncology: Issues under debate   

Chair: K. Meier (Germany)

12.15-12.35 Interchangeability: Also in oncology?
Speaker: A. Astier (France)

12.35-13.00  Biosimilars in oncology: Will they meet expectations also for oncology?
Speaker: P. Cornes (United Kingdom)

13.00-13.15  Labeling of biosimilars: Similar to reference product or different?
Speaker: F. Megerlin (France)
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