ECCO2017: European Cancer Congress


Late Breaking Abstracts

Late-Breaking Abstract Submission is Now Closed

Abstract submission open: 22 July 2015
Abstract submission deadline: 5 August 2015, 21:00 Central European time

Late-breaking abstracts describe the latest advances that will change our daily clinical practice. They should highlight novel and practice-changing studies. Focus is placed on capturing abstracts with ground-breaking and unique data that would not otherwise have been presented at the Congress.

Examples of suitable late-breaking abstracts might include the results of a practice-changing prospective Phase III clinical trial; a Phase II study showing anti-tumour activity in a novel context; an early clinical trial with novel proof-of-principle data, or the demonstration of novel cancer biology with therapeutic implications – in each case the results should not have been fully available by the regular abstract submission deadline.

Abstract Submission Fee: Each submitted abstract must be accompanied by a 35 EUR abstract submission fee. The submission fee can only be paid by credit card. This fee is non-refundable regardless of the final status of the abstract. 

Please ensure you have read the Policies and Regulations prior to submitting your Late-Breaking Abstract.


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