ECCO2017: European Cancer Congress



Join us in Amsterdam for ECCO2017 European Cancer Congress

Only onsite registration is now possible


If you have any questions or queries, please email

Individual Registration Fees

Deadline refers to receipt of both registration and payment  Early Rate Deadline
27 August 2016  
Regular Rate Deadline
28 November 2016
Late Rate Deadline
as of 29 Nov 2016
Members*  399 EUR  550 EUR   899 EUR 
Non-Members   599 EUR 750 EUR  1099 EUR 
Junior Participant / Students ** 175 EUR 199 EUR 220 EUR
Emerging Economy***  130 EUR N/A N/A
Nursing Members of EONS  250 EUR 355 EUR  460 EUR
Nursing Non-Members 350 EUR 475 EUR  585 EUR
Patient Advocates**** 125 EUR 150 EUR  150 EUR

Medical insurance - non for profit, HTA professionals, Regulators ***** 

150 EUR   175 EUR 175 EUR

Society Programme day only
27 January

ESR free
OECI and ECPC free
27 January

95 EUR

95 EUR

95 EUR
Primary Care Programme day only
28 January 
150 EUR 150 EUR 150 EUR

All registration fees include local VAT 21 %
Day rate available only on site 355 EUR / day


* Discounted membership rates apply to individual members of the following associations: BIG, EACR, EANM, EANO, EAU, ECL, EONS, EORTC, ESCP, ESGO, ESMO, ESO, ESOP, ESP, ESR, ESSO, ESTRO, EUROSKIN, EUSOMA, FAC, IPOS, OECI, SIOG, SIOPE.
Stating association and membership number is obligatory.
** Confirmation of ‘in training’ status from the Head of Department is required.
*** Emerging Economy rate applies to individuals from Low and lower-middle-income economies according to the World Bank listing available at: Discounted registration at this rate is only at early rate until 27 August.  After this date the regular registration fees apply.
****   The patient advocate rate applies exclusively for individuals who are a member of a Patient Advocacy Organisation. Proof of membership is required. 
***** Payers -  Please upload the certificate of your employment for a Governmental organisation active in the fields.

If you have any questions or queries, please email