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Focus on Imaging at ECCO2017

The patient is at the heart of cancer care. ECCO2017, themed ‘From evidence to practice in multidisciplinary cancer care’ is a clinically oriented meeting with a focus on data that impact daily practice and help you achieve the best care for patients.

Help enhance your patient care. At ECCO2017, you will learn about the:

  • Clinical trial results that will truly impact clinical practice
  • Management of challenging cases
  • Latest scientific data from a multidisciplinary perspective

Are you planning to attend ECCO2017? Don’t miss out on the early registration rate fee; register now before 27 August for a reduced fee. 

Do you have new data that you would like to share with the oncology community? Why not submit an abstract to ECCO2017? It’s the ideal European congress with a unique multidisciplinary audience and focus on clinical practice. Moreover, your study will be given European and global visibility through our media programme. Don’t hesitate – the abstract submission deadline is 25 August.

Are you interested in applying for a grant to attend ECCO2017? Check out the ECCO2017 website for more information on specific requirements and how to apply. In all, 40 Fellowship Grants and 3 Young Trialist Grants have been made available through the generosity of the ECCO2017 sponsors. Apply now, before the deadlines: 25 August for Fellowship Grants and 1 September for Young Trialist Grants.

If imaging is your area of interest, don’t miss ECCO2017 for:

  • Two Educational Sessions discussing imaging as a central element of personalised medicine in oncology and the challenges surrounding imaging in prostate cancer

    These must-attend Educational Sessions feature the latest information on the use of imaging for solid cancers and metastatic disease in clinical practice, how imaging can improve the personalisation of drug therapy in prospective clinical trials (‘Cancer Imaging: A Key Component of Personalised Oncology’ on 28 January), future perspectives and critical appraisal from a clinical perspective of imaging techniques (‘Challenges in Cancer Imaging: How Much do we Need and Unmet Clinical Needs – Prostate Cancer’ on 27 January). Take a look at the programme to find out more.
  • Educational Immersion Programme on practical aspects of personalised medicine

    Personalised Medicine: From Genomics to Clinical Practice’ (on 28 January) is an advanced-level session focusing on the practical aspects of personalised medicine in oncology and includes the role that molecular imaging tools have in this setting. Other aspects discussed include the interpretation of next generation sequencing data and how personalised radiotherapy, medical oncology and surgery can be implemented in daily practice. Take a look at the programme to find out more.
  • Society Day Programme Sessions discussing the role of imaging

    The European Society of Radiology (ESR) Society Day Programme includes the role of imaging for colorectal cancer liver metastases and for patients with hepatocellular and pancreatic tumours. The programme will provide an in-depth overview of the very latest information on the use of imaging techniques in a range of settings, such as characterising liver metastases, monitoring response to treatment and detecting recurrence. Click here to find out more about the ESR Society Day Programme.

    The use of imaging techniques in breast cancer is a key feature of the European School of Oncology (ESO) Society Day Programme. The role of tomosynthesis for breast screening will be examined, including whether this technique can improve detection and reduce false positives. Click here to find out more about the ESO Society Day Programme.

    The European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) Society Day Programme includes 1-day educational conferences on breast surgical oncology and colorectal surgical oncology, with both conferences providing a thorough grounding in the use of imaging techniques to complement and enhance surgery. Click here to find out more about the ESSO Society Day Programme.
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